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Portland Drain Cleaning

Removing Clogs & Blockages in Multnomah County

Problems with a clogged drain can crop up unexpectedly and are quick to cause havoc in your home or business. Not only do they frequently cause great inconvenience and hygiene issues, but these clogs can also result in significant damage to the rest of the system.

Rather than putting your plumbing at risk, reach out to our team at Royal Flush today! Our Multnomah County emergency drain cleaning services are backed by over 30 years of industry experience and a commitment to finding fast, effective solutions you can trust.

Just a few of our Portland drain cleaning services include handling:

  • Overflowing toilets

  • Sewer line backups

  • Backups into the bathtub

  • Clogged kitchen sinks

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your day! Call our team at (503) 657-3919 to schedule a Portland drain cleaning appointment no matter when problems arise. We are available around the clock.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

In general, your drains are built to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. However, they are not bulletproof, and there are several everyday items that can contribute to blockages in your pipes.

Some of the most frequent culprits include:

  • Soap: The residue left behind from soap can coat the inside of your pipes and stick to other debris passing through

  • Hair: One of the most common reasons behind clogged drains, hair can often bind with other substances in the drain and cause no shortage of problems

  • Food waste: Garbage disposals often make people think that more things can go down the kitchen sink than should really be there; fat, oil, and grease, in particular, should always be thrown away in the garbage or compost

  • Foreign objects: This is more common in households with pets or small children, who may inadvertently flush things that do not belong in the toilet

  • Excess toilet paper: Though toilet paper is designed to be flushed, using too much can cause blockages that need professional attention

  • Tree roots: Even the tiniest cracks in an underground pipe is enough to let in tree roots, which then quickly grow, blocking the flow of water and disrupting the pipe

4 Ways To Avoid Needing Drain Cleaning

1. Add a hair-filter to your shower drain - Our Portland drain cleaning experts are called into homes to remove hair out of the shower drain daily. These hair-stoppers are cheap pieces of plastic that are easy to install, we'd be happy to help.

2. Rinse your drains - Best practices are to rinse your drains at least once per month with warm water and vinegar. Your garbage disposal is best cleaned by putting in some ice cubes and turning it on.

3. Put a lint-trap on your washing machine's drain line - All of the gunk on your clothing doesn't disappear, they go into your washing machine's drain line causing all sorts of blockages and clogs. Like hair-filters, lint-traps are cheap and easy to install so ask our plumbers about yours today.

4. Throw the following food items in the trash - Coffee grounds, egg shells, pasta, celery, rice, and bones of any kind should all be disposed of in your trash can. Each has it's own way of wreaking havoc on your drains and pipes and they're better off in the dumpster.

Problems that Require Professional Solutions

When it comes to something as immediate as a clogged drain, it can be tempting to turn to store-bought solutions. After all, chemical drain cleaner is available in plenty at most stores. The problem is that solutions like these, particularly when employed by someone untrained, can be harmful to the system and even dangerous to the individual. In the case of most chemical cleaners, they are often highly corrosive to the pipe and may not even address the actual clog at all. At Royal Flush, we provide round-the-clock service from highly trained and experienced Portland drain cleaning technicians to ensure that you get your system back to normal as quickly as possible.

Call Royal Flush When You’re Dealt a Bad Hand

There is never a good time for a clog, but we’re committed to helping you turn the day around as quickly as we can. Our friendly, professional plumbing technicians specialize in dealing with water line and sewer line issues exclusively, so you know that you are in good hands.

Let us help when you need emergency drain cleaning in Portland, Multnomah County, and beyond. Call us at (503) 657-3919 or fill out our online contact form!

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